These are some papers and presentations I wrote while working on my Master’s of Science in Library and Information Science at Simmons College.

Each document is available in PDF format.

LIS 407 (Reference and Information Services)

Written language: a research guide

Writing systems: an annotated bibliography

LIS 413 (Literature of the humanities)

Pathfinder on endangered languages and linguistic diversity

Orson Welles: a bibliography

LIS 415 (Organization of Knowledge in Libraries)

A comparison of OPACs

FRBR: past, present, and future

Metadata of three subject portals

LIS 462 (Digital libraries)

Two presentations on using Greenstone to implement a digital library:

LIS 470 (History of visual communication)

(Re)inventing writing: stories and histories

LIS 500 (Independent study)


LIS 520H (Literacy: the issue and the library’s response)

Women’s literacy web sites

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