00:00 Mimi
V Preliminaries
* Welcome to the Wiki Workshop
* Who the three of us are
> Workshop goals
> How the workshop will be structured
* Did everybody get the handouts?
[Ideas: Syntax quick guide, URL for the workshop wiki, URLs for further information. —Paul.]
00:05 Paul
V Introduction
> Terminology
> What is a wiki?
> Where does it come from?
> How does it work?
> Wiki principles
Adapted fromhttp://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiDesignPrinciples
00:15 David
V Hands-on wiki
* Introduction
Go to the wiki for our workshop – the URL is on your handout (http://tinyurl.com/fosvw) [this leads to http://gslis.simmons.edu/mw/sandbox/Wiki_Training]
* Register yourself as a user
* Edit your user page, adding a link to the main page for the workshop
Use a free link: [[Wiki training]]
* Follow the link to that page
Don’t edit this page
* Go back to your user page
* Edit it, adding a link to a wiki page (which doesn’t exist yet) about a hobby or interest of yours
E.g., “I like to go [[water skiing]] in the winter.”
You can put in anthing you want – a favorite poem saying or poem, a sentence or two about yourself, anything. Just try to keep it clean…
* Click on the link to your hobby page and write something there.
Try experimenting with the formatting.
00:30 Paul
V More about wikis
> More terminology
> Wiki etiquette
> What are wikis good for?
> What are they bad for?
> Kinds of wikis
> Kinds of wiki pages
Think of these as prototypes. [I’ll show one example of each. —Paul.]
> What makes a wiki succeed?
> What makes a wiki fail?
> Case studies
[These are experiences I had setting up two wikis at work several years ago. —Paul.]
> Wikis, wikis everywhere
[Mention that there are many different wiki implementations, and give a couple of examples]
* Play time
00:55 Mimi
V Wrap-up
* Get your own wiki through the GSLIS MediaWiki server
* Lots of other wiki sites and installations to choose from
> Further reading