One of my current research interests is freetagging, also known as social bookmarking.

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The presentation to LIS 419 is available as a PDF or in its original form (an OmniGraffle Pro document).

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Further reading

This is a very selective list of substantive writings on freetagging.

Chudnov, D., Barnett, J., Prasad, R., & Wilcox, M. (2005). Experiments in academic social book marking with Unalog. Library Hi Tech, 4, 469–480.

Describes an Open Source freetagging toolkit tailored for academic users.

Hammond, T., Hannay, T., Lund, B., & Scott, J. (2005). Social bookmarking tools (I): a general review. D‑Lib Magazine, 11(4). Retrieved February 22, 2006, from

Includes a brief comparison of freetgging services.

Hoffman, P. (2005). Freetagging. Retrieved February 22, 2006, from

This is my own 2005 paper, written for an independent study. It examines the history of freetagging in some detail, and describes the essential properties of freetagging.

Lund, B., Hammond, T., Flack, M., & Hannay, T. (2005). Social bookmarking tolls (II): a case study – Connotea. D‑Lib Magazine, 11(4). Retrieved February 22, 2006, from

Another open source toolkit geared towards academic users; emphasises reference management uses.

Mathes, A. (2004). Folksonomies – cooperative classification and communication through shared metadata. Retrieved February 22, 2006, from

Tags as metadata; written by an LIS student. Includes suggestions for future research.

Quintarelli, E. (2005). Folksonomies: power to the people. Paper presented at the ISKO Italy–UniMIB meeting in Milan. Retrieved February 22, 2006, from

A wide-ranging discussion. Relates freetagging to folk classification.

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